why we act

There are more than 21 million refugees worldwide, half of whom are children. They have been forced to flee their homes because of targeted violence, and to live in refugee camps. With their journey so often comes the loss of dignity and hope. WE ACT TOGETHER is an international campaign in support of hope and action for refugees worldwide.

 Little Ripples Preschool, Camp Goz Amer, Chad.  Photo: iACT

Little Ripples Preschool, Camp Goz Amer, Chad. Photo: iACT

About iACT

iACT is a Los Angeles-based international organization providing humanitarian action to aid, empower, and extend hope to those affected by mass atrocities, creating a world where people are connected and equipped to act. iACT utilizes innovative thinking, human-centered design, and collaborative relationships to co-create replicable and cost-effective refugee-led programs that empower and heal.

Since 2005, iACT has facilitated refugee-led education, sports, and human rights programs that build resilience and cultivate recovery in refugee camps with a focus of filling a gap in humanitarian response and in improving the way we create and implement programs with refugee populations.

 Refugees United Soccer Academy, Camp Djabal, Chad.  Photo: iACT

Refugees United Soccer Academy, Camp Djabal, Chad. Photo: iACT

Our award-winning, innovative programs have:

  • Employed more than 150 refugees and empowered them to become leaders
  • Engaged 7,800 refugee girls and boys in the Refugees United Soccer Academy
  • Facilitated daily mindfulness for trauma recovery for more than 10,000 refugees
  • Provided more than 630,000 meals sourced, cooked, and delivered by refugees
  • Reached more than 110,000 Americans across 26 states through educational exhibits and workshops


For every photo uploaded on our site, $5 will be donated towards iACT for Little Ripples daily meals which provides 25 daily meals to a refugee child under the age of five. Donations are generously sponsored by the Enough Project and an anonymous family foundation.

Refugee-led daily meal program: Refugee women are trained as cooks and teacher aides through iACT’s leadership curriculum and health and hygiene program. These women plan weekly nutritious menus, source local ingredients, prepare meals, and serve these meals daily to children ages three to five. More often than not, their Little Ripples daily meal is the only wholesome one students will receive that day. At this critical age, when 90% of the brain is developed before the age of five, nourishment is essential to each child’s social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Help Provide Additional Meals to Refugee Children: